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SharpnessCraft has reached a new record of 400 registered users today!
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LacutoLauren1 ManagerHello SharpnessCrafters!
This is just a list of updates and other stuff that has been happening on the server.

- Ticket
This plugin allows players to send tickets to staff who can then read them and take them as high priority tasks. To submit a ticket, do /ticket [msg]
- BattleArenas
Love mob grinding and player pvp? You'll love this! (Special Thanks to EpicDiggyHole for setting this up!)
- Marriage
Because who wouldn't want to marry a stranger over the internet? ;)

- Mob Arenas
Staff are now working on new mob arenas. (So far, looking good)
- Heroes
Still a work in progress but it's still being worked on.
However, it may be replaced for the incoming transition into 1.8.1
- mmSupernatuals (???)
This may either be worked on and re-configured OR a new race system will be set up.

Congratulations to nicy861, song97 and EpicDiggyHole for becoming staff.
Also, congratulations to Jackdahack123 for becoming a manager!

Major improvements are being decided on for the future so stick around :)
LacutoLauren1 Manager  Oh and Valcuria. :3 Congrats to him on staff to.
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