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Roshanbo82 OwnerHi y'all

The heroes reset has happened when you log in you will be a level one citizen. You can pick a new class right away. XP levels for mobs and everything have been changed back to what they used to give before we doubled them. Higher level mobs will still spawn in RPG and minecraftia. They hit harder and have more hp but they give more xp. Every class now has a tier 4 class. The bruiser class tree is gone. I will be adding a donor perk to the shop where when someone donates double, triple, or more xp will drop from things for a time. This will be server wide so the whole server will benefit. New worlds are in the works as I learn how to use world painter and world machine better. We may use the crafting Azeroth world on here. It is about 50,000 x 50,000 blocks in size and is the entire World of Warcraft without panderia. Not sure about this just a thought. Thank you to all the staff and players for making this server great. There may over time be some nerfs and buffs done to classes for balancing. Other classes may come at a later date but this won't be for awhile we need to focus on getting other things done.
Roshanbo82 Owner  Heroes levels will not be reset again. They only were reset due to leveling being very easy and to many people reaching tier 4 in a matter of days.
nightmare9915 Builder  Great idea to lower xp amount makes the server more challenging, and the Azeroth world seems like it would be cool hope it works out. Just 1 question are the races still being planed for future Minecraft update?
Roshanbo82 Owner  Yes they are still being planned. Just don't know when.
LacutoLauren1 Sr.AdminG'day folks!

We're going to be hiring 2 more trial-staff. If you are interested, please go to the Community tab, select 'Applications' and fill out the form!

Also, hooray on 500 registered users. :)

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AngelusOscuro Survivor  When I go to 'Applications' I don't see a form.
Roshanbo82 Owner  You need builder rank
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SharpnessCraft has reached a new record of 500 registered users today!
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Roshanbo82 Owner  and it only took 25 months!
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