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bladex4   created a new thread Suggestions On Getting The Server Started Again. in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 OwnerSeems it's already dead here. I miss running the server already. Not so much the server and game itself but the people. I never really had to many friends as into gaming as I was growing up so it was mostly alone. Until online gaming got big around 1998. I really got into phantasy star online at that time.
riche7846 Builder  i hope we could get the server back up and playfullshark i don't think that is possible anymore
riche7846 Builder  also rosh if we get a new server i would sign up for staff i have been on a lot of creative servers with world edit and stuff
Roshanbo82 Owner  Servers still live until october 20th. Then the files from the server don't get deleted until november 10th.
Roshanbo82 Owner
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Upload and Download Minecraft projects, texture packs, skins, server and blogs. All content is shared by the community. Woo, Minecraft creativity!
Roshanbo82 Owner  My new projects I've been working on since the server is dead with the staff quitting and myself. I'm pretty busy with my job and taking care of my wife. She had her apendix taken out a few days ago she's home now and doing pretty good. The website will stay up in but, most likely the server will go down on October 15th. I just don't see the point in any one paying for the hosting when it is empty all the time.
Roshanbo82 OwnerOk so I've updated some plugins. The server now supports 1.8 clients but still doesn't support 1.8 items. This is because spigot allows all clients to connect, but is not officially 1.8. Bukkit is dead and there is a new modded server type being worked on called sponge. We are still a heroes server. There may be some lag since this is a dev server build and it is spamming errors for heroes.
Roshanbo82 OwnerThe server is saved for another month!! We won't be shutting down now. Thank you to sheildofgoodness she made it all possible.
sheildofgoodness Veteran  It took forever to figure out how to donate.
blackandred96 Builder  created a new thread Project save. in the General Discussion forum
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Celestria13 Survivor  created a new thread Good game all... (post memories here) in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 OwnerWere shutting down on September 15th. For one I can't afford the $40 a month hosting fee. Another thing myself and the Staff just don't have the motivation to to all this work for nothing. It's been fun this all started May of 2012. This website will stay in case we ever restart. I'll stop in from time to time. I may get into map making. I enjoy doing that and have a few submissions on planetminecraft. So enjoy the server while it last it's been fun. Thanks for all the support from everyone with this project of mine. Thank you to all the staff who worked so hard to help make the server what it has become. I may try to get a job working for my host Mcpro if that happens I think they give you a free server and pay you.
blackandred96 Builder  Project Save is going to be starting up soon! Join the project to save Sharpness! Please donate to the Sharpness server, to help save it!
XToxic_VenomX Jr.AdminVeteran  GOODBYE SHARPNESSCRAFT! may it be ever remembered in our hearts ;-; <3
KingKongen3 Veteran  Sad to hear. Even though I only stopped in from time to time and I just logged in to do just the same, it sucks to hear that. If you get the chance rosh can you contact me over on skype? Thanks!
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LacutoLauren1 Sr.AdminG'day Sharpnesscrafters.

We (the staff) wish to apologise for the inactivity that has occurred the past few months. Soon, we should all be back on our feet and getting back to work when the server changes hosts.

On that note, we wish to thank you for your continued support throughout these tough times. Your loyalty and support has given us encouragement to continue with the server's progress.

So much needs to be done and with so little time. We can only try our best, right? :sick:
I'll see you all again soon!

Roshanbo82 Owner  We need a new start I think. New name, new theme, and I think we may have gotten a bad reputation so maybe a fresh start would be for the best. Just a thought.
XToxic_VenomX Jr.AdminVeteran  If u need any help ask me on Skype :sick:
KoyalKitKat Survivor  servers needs to be reset :( And more activity please. I miss you guys
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