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Roshanbo82Legendquest has had a major error and I had to delete all the data files of it. So anyone who has lost levels because of this let me or a admin know so we can restore your levels. You can contact us in game or in the forums. Sorry for the issues lets make the server great again.
HackEXX   created a new thread Mineplex banned me... in the General Discussion forum
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Roshanbo82New contest starting February 1st. The top voter for the month will get a free Knife rank or a donor rank up if they already a donor. You can also choose a free steam game instead of the donor rank. The list of steam games will come soon.
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Niburian   I'm gonna win!
LazyLazio   That sounds like a great idea - will give our new players a chance to earn a rank and our Veterans a chance to achieve a higher rank.
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