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TTKK11223   created a new thread Reset? / Suggestions in the Server suggestions, plugins, ect. forum
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MissHawaii   registered to SharpnessCraft
Roshanbo82 Having a donor shop sale until January 4th 2016. Use the coupon code HOLIDAY to get 50% your entire purchase. This coupon also applies to points based purchases.
KillerOctopus   registered to SharpnessCraft
Roshanbo82 Servers back up with Forline and RPG. Most of the same plugins except no more heroes and mcmmo,
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SergeantLime   Because it is.
Roshanbo82   its back on now
SergeantLime   ok. Thanks
hazzelwood and TNTvsATV registered to SharpnessCraft
Roshanbo82 So that ip to the right is my home server address. It has most of the same stuff as sharpness did. May not be 24/7 cause I dont want to leave my pc on all the time but it shows when its online. Also changed to mcmmo.
HoloTheWolf1   created a new thread Vampire or werewolf? in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 I could restart it now my wife got a good paying job but really don't think it's worth the time. I think if I pay the bill within like a week the server files wont be deleted. Anyways I'm working almost every day and she will be too so we can save up for our move to Colorado. So I guess if this is worth it post here let me know. Otherwise check out my twitch [link] I'll be doing that sometimes.
Roshanbo82   and I been playing mario maker and dying light a lot so that's kept me busy.
KingKongen3   Long time no see. Just saw you're moving to Colorado. Just be ready for the snow! Already have got about 7 inches(20+ And Blizzards in southern Colorado) and tons in the mountains. Where in Colorado are you moving? I'm in Broomfield/Westminster area. When do you plan on moving? Hit me up with those details!
Roshanbo82   Around June and in that general area is my plan.
SergeantLime   created a new thread Make way for Lime! in the General Discussion forum
Soul896   created a new thread Return of Samcy in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 Just incase I opened up a new world called Vistania. It is vanilla terrain and has every biome within 2000 blocks of spawn. The warp to it is at the spawn castle. I updated all of the plugins and the server is now on spigot 1.8.6 hope this improves the crashing issues.
Roshanbo82   There is a custom world with two volcanos.
Hero_King_Marth   Ugh
Roshanbo82   Looks like the servers dead again.
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