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riche7846   created a new thread Server coming back anytime soon or do we still need ... in the General Discussion forum
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Roshanbo82 Well life was going great and then last Friday my wife got hit in the back driving. She's ok but really sore and in a lot of pain. We went to the ER and they released her so it wasn't life threatening. Her job is very physically intense taking care of elderly people so she can't work now. We go to a doctor on friday to see the extent of her injuries and if she can still do her job. If not our car insurance will pay her loss wages up to one year and pay at least $15,000 worth of her medical bills. Oh and my cars broke down. Gotta fix it some how.
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riche7846   also i would like to add this. that post has been there for a long time so has the donation goal. If it was really for that for our community which is kinda big wouldn't u think we would of gotten more donations by now..
ApologyAccepted   A couple weeks ago I was shot by a police officer #blacklivesmatter go support me at [link]
Roshanbo82   I wish it were a scam. I'd much rather have my wife healthy and not injured from a car accident.
Roshanbo82 I got my new job and my wife does to working at the same place. Still trying to get on the night shift because that's the shift she works. I think I start training for nights next Monday. I'm off until Thursday.
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Roshanbo82 I got my new internet and I have a job interview tomorrow things are doing great. [link] by Ookla - My Results
Test your mobile network speed, wherever you may be. Download the free Ookla Speedtest app for iOS, Amazon, Android or Windows Phone.
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Chara_Murderer   Also, when will u turn server on. :L
PieceOfJake   wooooooooo
Roshanbo82   If I'm off tomorrow I could turn it on from home with these speeds. Just been really busy. I gotta go to work today to get my schedule and my wife got hired there as well so she needs to fill out paper work.
Roshanbo82 So I made it to Oregon. I'm currently using some complimentary wifi so I only got a hour. Comcast guy comes tomorrow to get me hooked up. I should have a job interview tomorrow if all goes well.
riche7846   created a new thread My rank on the server website i swear... in the General Discussion forum
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Roshanbo82 I've been running a at home server sometimes. The ip is to the right. It says when it's online or not.
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riche7846   created a new thread Call of Duty Black ops: 1 Anyone? Ps3 :P in the Gaming forum
Roshanbo82 Just to keep everyone updated. I will be moving June 26th. I won't be to the west coast until July 1st. I'm driving from South Carolina to Oregon. If I do restart the server it won't be until some time in July at the earliest. As far as our RPG plugin it will be heroes. Heroes is now a premium plugin so I'm not sure how much that will cost. SkillAPI is a option as well but heroes seems to be more popular. SkillAPI is free and updates faster. Anyways nothing is for cetain as far as the server goes. Hosting is cheap but I have neither the time or money for it right now. I haven't even played video games in a month. Heroes still hasn't updatd to 1.9.
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riche7846   Spend ur time worrying about u and put the server up when u feel u have the supplies
LethalPrince   created a new thread Coding :D in the General Discussion forum
riche7846   created a new thread Updates? in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 So update on things. I got my apartment out west. I'll be leaving for it on June 27th. I'll be getting 150mbs down and 10 up with comcast. So it may be possible to host from home. Otherwise payed hosting is only $13.45 which would be 24/7 and not tie up my pc. I already got my food handler certificate for Oregon. I'm gonna start applying for jobs a month before I leave. Still no heroes 1.9. Feel free to post in the forums or where ever to keep the community alive.
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riche7846   created a new thread Vote Vote Vote (really short i'm sorry) in the General Discussion forum
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