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riche7846   created a new thread Vote Vote Vote (really short i'm sorry) in the General Discussion forum
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riche7846   created a new thread Rip sharpness agian... The way my map works + Server... in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82It's the end
The Doors - The End (original)
Doors song The End full and uncensored
Roshanbo82   It's all good just don't have the time to manage it right now. It doesn't cost much only $13.45 a month to host. I'd rather stream other games on twitch for now anyways. Hosting fees aren't really why I shut down again.
Chara_Murderer   Gosh... I'm so bored... its nothing i can play... All i want to play this but i guess i have to wait or sitting in the corner...*crying*
riche7846   Hack i feel u i can finally play on the pc on saturdays but i got nothing to play and this is down...
raul6266   created a new thread Ender dragon in the General Discussion forum
Chara_Murderer   created a new thread Don't lose your hopes in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82Everything seems to be working ok now.
Roshanbo82   Working fine now also found this looks interesting. I may get it eventually [link]
WinglessFlier96   Seems interesting. It will help a lot if you do.
RisingReaper69   when i spawn in i'm on a building in spawn i try /spawn and my guy flips shit flopping around non stop for anything ive relogged i waited i tried everything..
Roshanbo82Updating more plugins maybe 30 minutes of downtime.
Roshanbo82I'm finding some plugins that are out of date are causing server crashes. I'm updating plugins to 1.9 as soon as they are available.
RisingReaper69   might rejoin soon as long as the people arnt shitty (mostly the girls)
KingLee79   registered to SharpnessCraft
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Roshanbo82I brought back the world we had back when 1.7 came out in 2013. It is amplified terrain and has every biome within 3000 blockes of spawn. The server is updated to 1.9. A few plugins are not working. Dynmap, holograms, manabar, and combat indicator. Hopefully they will update soon. The end is generating with the new features.
Chara_Murderer   oh my god... 1.9? you joking?
riche7846   yeah sharpnesscraft is back woo :p
Roshanbo82   All plugins have been updated to 1.9 and are working except for manabar. Some of these are Developmental builds and may have bugs. Once everything is in order I will be adding stats, and more skills to legendquest. This will create balancing issues so the players need to let me know in the forums what is unbalanced.
Roshanbo82So 1.9 spigot is set to release this Monday or Tuesday. I hope I can update the server right away with these new additions. I will be opening a new world so the new features will generate. I don't know if the end will need to be regened or not. I'm staying with legendquest for now but I'm considering going back to heroes. The issue with heroes is with each minecraft update it can take months to update. I'm hoping legendquest works right away with 1.9.
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zecaseo   Could stay with legendquest and swap over when heroes updates.
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riche7846   created a new thread Rip server agian... for now... in the General Discussion forum
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