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Roshanbo82 I've been running a at home server sometimes. The ip is to the right. It says when it's online or not.
riche7846   created a new thread Call of Duty Black ops: 1 Anyone? Ps3 :P in the Gaming forum
Roshanbo82 Just to keep everyone updated. I will be moving June 26th. I won't be to the west coast until July 1st. I'm driving from South Carolina to Oregon. If I do restart the server it won't be until some time in July at the earliest. As far as our RPG plugin it will be heroes. Heroes is now a premium plugin so I'm not sure how much that will cost. SkillAPI is a option as well but heroes seems to be more popular. SkillAPI is free and updates faster. Anyways nothing is for cetain as far as the server goes. Hosting is cheap but I have neither the time or money for it right now. I haven't even played video games in a month. Heroes still hasn't updatd to 1.9.
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riche7846   Spend ur time worrying about u and put the server up when u feel u have the supplies
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Roshanbo82 So update on things. I got my apartment out west. I'll be leaving for it on June 27th. I'll be getting 150mbs down and 10 up with comcast. So it may be possible to host from home. Otherwise payed hosting is only $13.45 which would be 24/7 and not tie up my pc. I already got my food handler certificate for Oregon. I'm gonna start applying for jobs a month before I leave. Still no heroes 1.9. Feel free to post in the forums or where ever to keep the community alive.
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Roshanbo82 It's the end
The Doors - The End (original)
Doors song The End full and uncensored
Roshanbo82   It's all good just don't have the time to manage it right now. It doesn't cost much only $13.45 a month to host. I'd rather stream other games on twitch for now anyways. Hosting fees aren't really why I shut down again.
Chara_Murderer   Gosh... I'm so bored... its nothing i can play... All i want to play this but i guess i have to wait or sitting in the corner...*crying*
riche7846   Hack i feel u i can finally play on the pc on saturdays but i got nothing to play and this is down...
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Roshanbo82 Everything seems to be working ok now.
Roshanbo82   Working fine now also found this looks interesting. I may get it eventually [link]
WinglessFlier96   Seems interesting. It will help a lot if you do.
RisingReaper69   when i spawn in i'm on a building in spawn i try /spawn and my guy flips shit flopping around non stop for anything ive relogged i waited i tried everything..
Roshanbo82 Updating more plugins maybe 30 minutes of downtime.
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