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HoloTheWolf1   created a new thread Vampire or werewolf? in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 I could restart it now my wife got a good paying job but really don't think it's worth the time. I think if I pay the bill within like a week the server files wont be deleted. Anyways I'm working almost every day and she will be too so we can save up for our move to Colorado. So I guess if this is worth it post here let me know. Otherwise check out my twitch [link] I'll be doing that sometimes.
SergeantLime   I would restart it, but it is your money that you'd be using so I don't believe we have any say in this. It's your choice of how to use your money.
SergeantLime   created a new thread Make way for Lime! in the General Discussion forum
Soul896   created a new thread Return of Samcy in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 Just incase I opened up a new world called Vistania. It is vanilla terrain and has every biome within 2000 blocks of spawn. The warp to it is at the spawn castle. I updated all of the plugins and the server is now on spigot 1.8.6 hope this improves the crashing issues.
Roshanbo82   There is a custom world with two volcanos.
Hero_King_Marth   Ugh
Roshanbo82   Looks like the servers dead again.
TechnicalNinja   created a new thread Server suggestions V.2 in the General Discussion forum
[Mod] XToxic_VenomX   created a new thread Mythic Mobs,Vanilla Mobs,Mob Arenas an Mythic Drops ... in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 I think eldaria is corrupt the server keeps crashing
Roshanbo82   If anyone is crashing in certain areas of the map tell me.
Roshanbo82   I think we need to remove Eldaria it keeps crashing the server
Hero_King_Marth   If you do please help us move
Roshanbo82 Working on transfering the server I backed up everything so levels, map, towns, ect will carry over the ip will change you'll see that to the right.
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Roshanbo82   nvm the dungeons it screwed up eldaria changed it to vanilla all towns were lost. I have a backup though so its ok nothings lost.
[Mod] XToxic_VenomX   I lost some levels in the change too
like 3 tiers
Roshanbo82   towns have become corrupted it locked down the server when i tried to copy them. They are still built just not claimed.
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Roshanbo82 Staff apllication form is fixed.
LUK3KY   created a new thread Difficulty change in the General Discussion forum
hasaosan   created a new thread Eco - Global Survival Game (Minecraft inspired game) in the General Discussion forum
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