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Roshanbo82 OwnerThat IP to the right
> Under Vistania is the IP to my my server ran off my home pc. I turn it on sometimes. Sharks server is currently down. I'm still waiting on a 1.8 heroes. My question would people even come back if the server restarted? If I could return it to it's former glory which was around this time a year ago it be worth it. I need better donation ideas as well. Something that would get enough donations monthly to pay the server bill. Anyways glad this websites still active post in the forums or in comments. There is a bukkit 1.8 now just heroes hasn't updated yet. All lvls are saved from when the server shut down as well. I changed from towny to factions to.
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blockboy99 Veteran  No one plays mc anymore well compared to how it used to be all the heroes servers are dead idk how many people you could get to come back But if you really wanted to im sure you'd have a few people come back like sharks and sparkscat and song probably Anyway anyone know what happened to nukestream? havent seen that guy in forever
Roshanbo82 Owner  If all goes to play we will start back up around christmas. Shark has offered to pay up the server for a few months. It will still have heroes I just hope heroes updates to 1.8 by then.
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HairyPotatoHD   created a new thread Last Thread from HairyPotatoHD in the General Discussion forum
Valcuria Veteran  created a new thread Guess who's not dead?! in the General Discussion forum
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Roshanbo82 OwnerPlayfull Shark is now hosting a server it has the same heroes classes and most of the same plugins as Sharpnesscraft. Here is the ip [link] and here is it's dynmap [link]
Minecraft Dynamic Map
Minecraft Dynamic Map
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Playfullshark77   Your Player Data is saved so your still the level in your heroes you leveled and your the same rank
Todd12341 Builder  hi
Playfullshark77   IP is [link]
Roshanbo82 OwnerSo I may have something in the works with a new server. It won't be live until spigot 1.8 comes out but I'll have a temporary server running off my home pc, but it won't be 24/7. The ip is [link]
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Roshanbo82 Owner  I think it would be best to go factions for now. I'm done with towny.
XToxic_VenomX Jr.AdminVeteran  How long will it be up for each day?
Roshanbo82 Owner  Not sure but mostly when I'm home except on my days off. I usually work 11am to 7pm eastern usa time so it wouldn't be on then. I do have this weekend off as well. It will probably be laggy since I have a slow upload speed. I did cut back on plugins there is only 35 now.
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bladex4   created a new thread Suggestions On Getting The Server Started Again. in the General Discussion forum
Roshanbo82 OwnerSeems it's already dead here. I miss running the server already. Not so much the server and game itself but the people. I never really had to many friends as into gaming as I was growing up so it was mostly alone. Until online gaming got big around 1998. I really got into phantasy star online at that time.
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Roshanbo82 Owner  Servers still live until october 20th. Then the files from the server don't get deleted until november 10th.
Jack7296 Survivor  i liked your server mate, was good fun
dkink14 Builder  im going to miss this server :(
Roshanbo82 Owner
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Roshanbo82 Owner  My new projects I've been working on since the server is dead with the staff quitting and myself. I'm pretty busy with my job and taking care of my wife. She had her apendix taken out a few days ago she's home now and doing pretty good. The website will stay up in but, most likely the server will go down on October 15th. I just don't see the point in any one paying for the hosting when it is empty all the time.
Roshanbo82 OwnerOk so I've updated some plugins. The server now supports 1.8 clients but still doesn't support 1.8 items. This is because spigot allows all clients to connect, but is not officially 1.8. Bukkit is dead and there is a new modded server type being worked on called sponge. We are still a heroes server. There may be some lag since this is a dev server build and it is spamming errors for heroes.
Roshanbo82 OwnerThe server is saved for another month!! We won't be shutting down now. Thank you to sheildofgoodness she made it all possible.
sheildofgoodness Veteran  It took forever to figure out how to donate.
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