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LacutoLauren1 Admin[SERVER UPDATE]

Rules have been updated.
Please visit them at [link]

HCRERAR Survivor  created a new thread EpicDiggyHole spawn camping in the General Discussion forum
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Roshanbo82 Owner[HEROES UPDATE 4.0]

All Heroes classes are done. We now have 20 different classes. In celebration of this we will be having a double exp weekend to make up for the recent heroes reset. It will begin at 9 am Friday east coast USA time. Some skills may need to be altered for balancing. Any balancing issues tell me or the staff. Use the forums with any heroes issues too.
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Roshanbo82 Owner  Doe!
zecaseo Trusted  One guy xD
zecaseo Trusted  am or pm?
MausHetzer Veteran  created a new thread XP in the Server suggestions, plugins, ect. forum
LacutoLauren1 Admin[SERVER UPDATE]

Sorry for the server crashes that have been going on for a while now.
Finally, we might know why.

We suspect that the survival world "Nuchulat" contains corrupted chunks due to an upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8 terrain. It's a common issue and is why many servers tend to reset the worlds.

If you have a base, house or a general place where you're staying and you want us to move it to the new vanilla world, consult either Roshanbo82, Scaryman97, Tsunamis_Espira or myself.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please migrate to the new world ASAP so we can delete Nuchulat!

lcurrey16 Trusted  when will the server be online so we can transfer?
Adzybaba Jr.Mod  We need the Intervallum base to be transported..
LacutoLauren1 Admin  As long as there is an admin online, the server can be started again.
Adzybaba Jr.Mod  created a new thread Movecraft Guide in the General Discussion forum
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Roshanbo82 Owner[HEROES UPDATE 3.4.6]

Every class now has two tier 2 classes available to them. Any issues with the new skills and balancing of these new classes let staff know so we can alter it.
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Adzybaba Jr.Mod  created a new thread Staff app, Adzy, round 2, please. in the General Discussion forum
LacutoLauren1 AdminSorry for the recent sudden server stops every now and then.
Due to a number of errors, the server randomly stops, thus needing someone to manually go on console to restart it.

Hopefully the issue will be fixed as soon as possible.
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